Hear and See Dan

This section contains some audio and video examples of Dan playing banjo and fiddle. Use the links on the left to select an audio file, or to view a video.

To kick things off, here's a random selection...

Dan Levenson Trio plus one at Evart - Waterbound

I only get to play with Bob Hubbach once a year at the Evart Acoustic Music Funfest. Pity since his playing is SO good and his musical sense also top notch that he is one of the main reasons I look forward to that event each year. SO, I’ll be back there in July and this year I’m even running a full day fiddle workshop before the festival. (Yes, I’ll be doing a clawhammer banjo one also).

Greg Gendall plays guitar, Sid on bass and Paul Goelz made this wonderful video else he’d be joining us with cello!