Hear and See Dan

This section contains some audio and video examples of Dan playing banjo and fiddle. Use the links on the left to select an audio file, or to view a video.

To kick things off, here's a random selection...

Flying Cloud Cotillion

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Okay, I was playing with Frank Moore today. Out back of the house. We got our Yuma winter back so that means sunny and in the 70’s today which means Time To Play! So we’re playing lots of cool tunes, Pig Ankle Rag, McMitchen’s Reel (aka Hog Trough Reel); Trot Along My Honey; even the old fiddle version of Durang’s Hornpipe when I start playing this tune. I never played it before and couldn’t even come up with a name until OT Junky and Fiddlepogo put a name on it for us.

Hope I remember it to play at the dance next week in Tucson!

Play Nice,