Yuma Jam Session

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Each year I run the Yuma, AZ Worthen Memorial Fiddle Contest for the Yuma Jaycees and the Territorial chapter of the Arizona Old Time Fiddler’s Association. Being the “chief” means not much time for fun and tunes. Being an OTFA event means mostly contest style fiddling. BUT each year I try to make sure we have a great old time old time jam (ie., folks just sitting and playing tune after tune for a bunch of times for more 4 minutes or more per tune). This was a tune from this year’s jam!

The tunes is Three Way Hornpipe. Comes from an old recording of Joe Sharp and Band on the Traditional Music of the Cumberland Plateau vol. 2 recording.

Players here are me, Miss Jennifer playing banjo on my left, then to the right, Jonathan Trawick, John Kennedy (bass), Bruce Wurst, Ben Shu and Aarun Carter. Great tune, great bunch, great jam, great contest!

Thanks to Greg Gardner for taking this video and making it available to us. Thanks to the Yuma Jaycees, the Worthen Family and the Territorial Chapter AOTFA for continuing to make this event happen for 39 years now. Join us next year for number 40!

PS, My fiddle is tuned to Cross A - AEae low to high strings.