Boiled Buzzards

Boiled Buzzards

“…the most influential string band since Highwoods.”

Steve Davis of The Devil’s Box magazine

“Boiled Buzzards play some of the finest old-time music in the country. Their energetic, driving sound is sure to get under your feet & into your heart. I find their fresh arrangements & instrumentation of traditional tunes to be very exciting.”

Dave Krysty, Director, Calliope: The Pittsburgh Folk Music Society

Dan’s recordings solo and with The Boiled Buzzards are considered go-to sources for old time music.

Dan Levenson was the founder and only member to stay with the band the whole time it was active (1988 until about 1995). From the liner notes from Salt and Grease: “The Boiled Buzzards is a fiery old-time band from the Cleveland area. Playing together since 1988 and steeped in old-time traditional music, they’re known for their unique sound and have played for dances in Cleveland, Pittsburgh, Morgantown and Columbus and for numerous events in the area.”

Dan Levenson

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