This page contains articles that I have written for books and other publications for you to read, share and enjoy.

Jam Etiquette

First up, an article on Jam Etiquette. This article was originally written in back in 2001 or 2 (perhaps even earlier) and has appeared in various forms since then. It is also Appendix 1 in both Clawhammer Banjo From Scratch (2003 – Mel Bay 20190) and Fiddle From Scratch (2013 – Mel Bay 22256) – my basic instruction books for those instruments. (Both of those books are available on the Shopping page – and should be available at music stores in your area and on line.) It is still a popular article and I have published it here in an updated form by popular request. No, it isn’t the end of the conversation, merely a beginning.

The Need for Speed 

Here is an article on speed. The speed of playing old time music and the question of the “slow jam” trend. This article was originally written in back in 2006 and deals with the slowing down of Old-Time music by many of today’s newer players. I reference several old time musicians of days past to start to look at how fast is TOO fast, or more importantly, how slow is too slow 

The New Old Time Way 

Here is some food for thought. Originally written in 2007, I recently updated this article for the website. I guess I’m becoming the old curmudgeon of Old-Time music, but, there are many newer players playing Old-Time their way. What do you think? Should it be this way or that? One thing for sure, it ain’t bluegrass but when is Old-Time not Old-Time? Or for that matter what are the beliefs of what IS Old-time that just aren’t true? I’m sure I have a “please stay traditional” streak in me – and I’ll get an article out on that soon, but for now, consider this… 

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