Old-Time Favorites for Clawhammer Banjo

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Old-Time Favorites for Clawhammer Banjo
62 more tunes! 2 CD’s (One clawhammer banjo, one fiddle)! TWO lines of tab plus a standard notation and suggested chord line.

The Tunes: And the Cat Came Back, Angelina Baker, Arkansas Traveler, Bitter Creek, Black Hills Waltz, Bob Tailed Mule, Bonapart’s Retreat - Wm. H. Stepp version, Booth Shot Lincoln, Briar Picker Brown, Cluck Old Hen, Cold Frosty Morning - modal - Henry Reed; Mel Durham version, Cold Frosty Morning - major - Melvin Wine version, The Cuckoo, Cumberland Gap, Doctor Doctor, Duck River, Ducks on the Millpond, Ebenezer, (Mr.) Fishar’s Hornpipe - 3 part version, Folding Down the Sheets
Forked Deer, Fortune, Great Big Taters in A Sandy Land, Grey Eagle, Johnson Boys, Katy Hill, Little Dutch Girl, The Merry Blacksmith, Mississippi Sawyer, (Wooliver’s) Money Musk, Needlecase, Old Belle Cow, Opera Reel, Over the Waterfall, Policeman, Polly Put the Kettle On, Push the Pig’s Foot a Little Further Into the Fire, The Rattlesnake, Rock the Cradle Joe, Sal’s Got Mud Between Her Toes, Salt Creek - aka Salt River, Salty River Reel, Shady Grove - modal version, (Doc Robert’s) Shortnin’ Bread, Snowbird, Soldier’s Joy, Spotted Pony, Step Around Johnny, Sugar Hill, Three Thin Dimes, Three Way Hornpipe, Waiting For the Federals - aka Seneca Square
Dance, Walk Along John to Kansas, Walking in the Parlor, West Fork Gals, Whitesburg, (There is a) Wild Hog in the Woods, Wild Horses at Stony Point, Wooden Nickel, The Year of Jubilo - aka Lincoln’s Gunboats, Yellow Barber, Y. Z. Hamilton’s Special Breakdown.

Fiddle/mandolin version available! Click here. Same tunes, same basic standard notation line.


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