Spring has Sprung!

Well, almost, well at least here in Arizona, well almost! Imagine my surprise to drive over to San Diego two weeks in a row in SNOW!!!! Yeah, that’s right, snow. Something to be thankful for all those years driving in the stuff, it didn’t cause any problems but wow, what a shot to the senses. But, enough of that for now. It is March and time to start thinking about my spring and summer touring schedule which starts pretty soon.

This weekend I’ll be heading up to Lake Havasu City to help out the folks at San Diego Old Time Music with their booth there. Yes, bluegrass mostly but Miss Jennifer and I promise to be emisaries of the Old Time Way and are looking forward to seeing some of our friends up there too.

Starting the 16th, I’ll be on the road for about a month. First stop - Clawcamp Ozark in Mountain View, Arkansas. This is a wonderful week long opportunity to work with you and your banjos in a relaxed mountain atmosphere where we will have class for a full week! Still a few slots left for that but I have heard it was filling up last I checked.

Off to Kansas after that for a concert and workshops at Woodwiz’s (Mike Richwine) new shop with KC Strings in Merriam, KS just outside Kansas City and not too far from where Jim Curley’s old place in Shawnee used to be. Should be some old friends there as well.

Next I’ll be heading up to the Homestead in Southern Ohio for a few days to pack up the last few remaining things we need to have out here at our new home in Arizona, then on to Pittsburgh, PA for a visit with Mr. Isaiah - my grandson and his family! FUN FUN. Then I turn around to get back here to Arizona in time to unload the moving truck before heading up to Salome, AZ for the Spring Campout. This one is becoming a nice old time gathering out this way. No admission charge, dry camping by donation and I’ll have the big tarp for jamming in the sun!

OH, and lest I forget, it is true. We did cancel “Scratchcamp” at the Fur Peace Ranch BUT BUT BUT I have been convinced to hold a less formal Old Time Music camp at the Ohio Homestead the same weekend. I lot lower cost for you but a real weekend in the woods also. Don’t worry, the old homestead house still has the plumbing and electric. Plenty of camping space for tents or rvs and just as much work and fun as the past camps have been. Fiddle and Banjo players are all welcome and I’ll be teaching both throughout the weekend. Plan on communal meals and jamming at the campfire.

That’s probably enough for now. I’ll tell you more about the upcoming summer when we get closer. Remember, since I’ll be filling orders from the road, it may take a day or two more, but I’ll get them out as quickly as possible.

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Play Nice,

Open House

Hi Folks,
Yes, the Buzzard has Landed! We have moved to a real house here in Yuma. That’s right, no more wheels (well, under our “home” anyway). SO, we are having an Open House here Sunday December 5th from 1-9 PM. Tunes, treats and just general hangin out. I’ll be teaching in San Diego on Saturday the 4th but home that evening to prepare. Please rsvp to us especially if you are coming from a distance so we have an idea of the number coming from afar.

We still have our Airstream for festivals. But, as usual, change there also. We sold our 1999 - 25 footer and got a 2003. Still a 25 foot Airstream but a few more features that I wanted in our next last Airstream. We had our first campout in it a couple of weeks ago at the Salome Old Time Fiddlers’ campout but that is another story.

Also, the Kyle Creed book is on it’s way to me. I’m starting to take pre-orders now and I’ll send them out hopefully early next week. Cost for pre orders received before Monday Nov. 22nd is $25 including priority first class postage. Mail directly to me at our new place please.

AND what is the new address? 13445 East 34th Place; Yuma, AZ 85367.

Still lovin the desert, still enjoying the road.
More soon. Promise!
Play nice,

Traveln’ Man

You may be able to tell from the lack of updates last month that I’ve been on the road.

Getting Ready for the Road!!!

Summer is settling in here in Yuma, the temps are rising. Even though we have yet to see our first 100-degree day, it is quite toasty but comfortable. Tomatoes are almost done for the season (they really stress when it gets to be over 90) but we have been getting some lovely ones for about a month now. Ahhhhh, go figure, tomatoes in May! The rest of the garden experiment is also doing well. We have some very tall sunflowers, swiss chard, beats, carrots and beans. The beans are probably the weakest producer, so I’ll have to do some work there for next year. But, I was quite pleased to find I could have a nice garden here even if it is very different than gardening back east.

I have been busy here getting ready to head east and gotten quite a few things buttoned up so to speak. I will very shortly start making piles of “this goes” things and on the road again before I know it.

Among the projects just completed, TADA – The new book, Kyle Creed Clawhammer Master, has been sent to Mel Bay. We are just waiting for it to be scheduled and a release date before starting to take advanced orders, but it should not be long now! Tentative price for the book with cd is about $23 US. The book has 27 tunes with 2 tabs each (one from me and another from co-author Bob Carlin as Kyle would have played it) and a cd with each tab played for you to hear. Yes, Bob plays his Kyle tabs and I play mine. Keep an eye here and I’ll let you know as SOON as it is available. It would be nice if we could have it by Clawcamp but I am not holding my breath.

Which brings me to Clawcamp East! Clawcamp is more than half full which is wonderful with still 2 months to go. There are still a few spots left and if you register directly from this site, you get a special rate this year! Bob Carlin will join me again and The Lovely Miss Jennifer will be on hand for coaching as well. New this year, we will be playing a Saturday night concert AT the camp as part of the Fur Peace Ranch’s concert series. Your ticket is included with camp registration as is all meals and lodging for the weekend. Never know when or where the next Clawcamp will be so don’t miss this one!

I continue to write and edit for The Old Time Way – Banjo Newsletter’s quarterly section dedicated to old time banjo playing. The next issue will be in the July issue of BNL. Look for articles on that Jason Burns banjo he was building for me as well as an in depth interview with Jason. An interview of Whitt Mead and reviews of a new wire armrest, the Audio Technica 2020 USB mic and Stephen Parker’s new book Clawhammer Banjo String Band Favorites.

A busy trip is in the making. I’ll leave here in just a few weeks and head to Lawrence, Kansas where I will be doing a concert and both clawhammer banjo and fiddle workshops as well as a guest set that Sunday at the Killkenny Concert, which is a fund raiser Americana Music Academy. Next, on to Mountain View, Arkansas for a concert set and then a 4 day Old Time Back Up Guitar workshop during Stringband week. Matt Brown will be teaching fiddle and Lucas Pool will be teaching clawhammer banjo. There gonna be a whole lot of music that week!

Then it will be home to Ohio for a few weeks r&r before Clawcamp. I have a few private lessons scheduled there and you are welcome to email me about a visit during July. It will be good to be “home” for a bit in the hills and green before heading down to Arlington, TX (near Dallas) the first week of August as we head back west. First stop, Gerald Jones’ Acoustic Music Camp. This is my third year there and I can tell you it is a WONDRFUL weekend (Thurs – Sat) of music. All instruments, all levels, great instructors and facility! That will be August 5-8 and those eagle eyed among you may realize that it is Clifftop week! Well, you are right. That means for only the third time ever, I’ll be missing Clifftop. I’ll be sorry to miss it and seeing so many of you there, but this is a great camp and I’m very glad to be asked back. I know several of you have already registered for it and we are going to have a great time in Texas together.

So, time to close up here for today. I’ll be heading over to San Diego for one more weekend teaching over there. It’s time for those students’ summer vacation too so they get a couple months off. I’ll start back there in either mid August or early September. It has been fun! As always, event details are on the schedule page, so click on the “Schedule” link and keep up with what is happening.

I’m looking forward to seeing many of you in my travels. Always remember:
Play nice!

A Day Off For Hiking

Finally, a day off! After a great concert evening last Friday, I decided to take a “day off” – or as much of a day off as I ever take. It was hiking time!

The weather here in Yuma is starting to warm up now and it won’t be long until we are in the 90’s or higher every afternoon, so Bruce and I decided to take advantage of a cooler Saturday afternoon and hike up into the hills. There is a lot of good hiking up there, many trails with great views and wildlife but this one was one of the best this year. We have had a lot of rain this past spring and winter so it was quite lush for a desert landscape. The palo verde trees are all in full flower, the saguaro’s starting to bloom, and there are all kinds of little flowers and cactus in bloom along the route.

Great blue skys, puffy white clouds and green trees make a wonderful sight.

This little fellow was just getting some sun too. A real live Chuckawalla kritter! He REALLY knows how to blend in. Friendly though.

Concert Friday - Read about it in The Yuma Sun

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Old Time Way: April, 2010

The Old Time Way section in the April, 2010 edition of Banjo Newsletter includes these items:

  • Interview with Tom Sauber, by Monika White
  • My review of “Twelve Tunes for Two Banjos,” by Peter K. Siegel and Eli Smith
  • My review of “Float Downstream,” by Evie Ladin (with a tab of the title track)
  • An interview with banjo maker Jason Romero, by Ivan Rosenbert (with a tab of The Haints’ “Eadle Alley”)

To subscribe, or find out more about Banjo Newsletter, visit their website at banjonews.com.

Yuma Concert Coming Up

Hi Folks,
Just back from Salome and what a great fiddlers’ weekend it was. We founded “little appalachia” or perhaps it should be better called “clifftop west” since we even had our own water tower! No water in this one either, and the weather was almost as hot as the music. Our new sign at camp “Old Time Stringband spoken here. Pick (a key), Stay (in it) and Play (a while).” Charlie and Martila’s van, our Airstream, great weather (okay, another difference from the eastern ct) and great music. Played almost all day each day from Thursday afternoon on.

The next big thing for us on the books is my concert at the Historic Yuma Theater in downtown Yuma. It is a great restored old theater with wonderful acoustics. I have played here a couple of times before and look forward to the next show. Come see us out west! It’s happening on Friday, April 30. One of my few formal concerts this year.

Welcome to the New Dan

It’s about time we updated my pages and I must give a special thanks to John J-Walk for making it happen. This is all so new and new things don’t really come that easily for me. New design, new structure, new entry method. So, bare with me as I fill in the missing info, tweak the things that are here and get to know my way around.

This weekend you can find Miss Jennifer and me at the Salome, AZ Old Time Fiddlers’ campout. I know most of you say, “that ain’t old time” and if you mean the Southern Appalachian style of old time music we love and play, well, you are partially right. There isn’t much there - yet. The more we play, the more they like it and we invite you to join us as often as you can so there will be more. In other words, if you aren’t there, it isn’t either but if we all show up and play, it will be just what we want. Not to ignore the other old time styles too, this is where the old folks are. They came out to be warm just like me so join us and have a great old time music weekend for a fraction of what it costs to go to the larger events. Well, I’ve ranted on about this enough.

In other news, the veggies are starting to get eatin’ size and the weather is warming up nicely. I’ll continue regular teaching over in San Diego through May and perhaps into early June up until I head east around June 21. I’ll be doing several workshops on the way this year starting in Lawrence, KS for fiddle and banjo then to Mountain View, AK for Stringband week. I’ll be teaching back up guitar there. Then home to Ohio for some private sessions before Clawcamp East at the end of July. We head back west right after that via an encore appearance teaching clawhammer at Gerald Jones’ Acoustic Music Camp in Arlington (Dallas/Ft. Worth area), Texas.

That’s about all for now. Time to see if we got this right and get on with updates and the days errands. Till next time…

Play Nice,

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