Welcome to the New Dan

It’s about time we updated my pages and I must give a special thanks to John J-Walk for making it happen. This is all so new and new things don’t really come that easily for me. New design, new structure, new entry method. So, bare with me as I fill in the missing info, tweak the things that are here and get to know my way around.

This weekend you can find Miss Jennifer and me at the Salome, AZ Old Time Fiddlers’ campout. I know most of you say, “that ain’t old time” and if you mean the Southern Appalachian style of old time music we love and play, well, you are partially right. There isn’t much there - yet. The more we play, the more they like it and we invite you to join us as often as you can so there will be more. In other words, if you aren’t there, it isn’t either but if we all show up and play, it will be just what we want. Not to ignore the other old time styles too, this is where the old folks are. They came out to be warm just like me so join us and have a great old time music weekend for a fraction of what it costs to go to the larger events. Well, I’ve ranted on about this enough.

In other news, the veggies are starting to get eatin’ size and the weather is warming up nicely. I’ll continue regular teaching over in San Diego through May and perhaps into early June up until I head east around June 21. I’ll be doing several workshops on the way this year starting in Lawrence, KS for fiddle and banjo then to Mountain View, AK for Stringband week. I’ll be teaching back up guitar there. Then home to Ohio for some private sessions before Clawcamp East at the end of July. We head back west right after that via an encore appearance teaching clawhammer at Gerald Jones’ Acoustic Music Camp in Arlington (Dallas/Ft. Worth area), Texas.

That’s about all for now. Time to see if we got this right and get on with updates and the days errands. Till next time…

Play Nice,