Yuma Concert Coming Up

Hi Folks,
Just back from Salome and what a great fiddlers’ weekend it was. We founded “little appalachia” or perhaps it should be better called “clifftop west” since we even had our own water tower! No water in this one either, and the weather was almost as hot as the music. Our new sign at camp “Old Time Stringband spoken here. Pick (a key), Stay (in it) and Play (a while).” Charlie and Martila’s van, our Airstream, great weather (okay, another difference from the eastern ct) and great music. Played almost all day each day from Thursday afternoon on.

The next big thing for us on the books is my concert at the Historic Yuma Theater in downtown Yuma. It is a great restored old theater with wonderful acoustics. I have played here a couple of times before and look forward to the next show. Come see us out west! It’s happening on Friday, April 30. One of my few formal concerts this year.