Bare Naked Banjos

My most popular album now available for download at Bandcamp!

2000 - Dan plays 24 solo banjo tunes, played using four different banjos. No vocals.


  • Dan Levenson, banjo

Track list (with key and banjo tuning)

  1. Katy Hill - G (gDGBD)
  2. Logan County - D (aDADE)
  3. Little Billie Wilson - A (aEAC#E)
  4. Dr. Dr. - D (aDADE)
  5. Texas Gals - C (gCGCD)
  6. Forked Deer - D (aDADE)
  7. Staten Island - Low G (dGDGA)
  8. Liza Poor Gal - D (aDADE)
  9. Johnny Don’t Get Drunk - D (aDADE)
  10. Rocky Pallet -  C (gCGCD)
  11. Needlecase - D (aDADE)
  12. Old Bell Cow -  A (aEAC#E)
  13. Fortune - D (aDADE)
  14. Old Molly Hare/Rag Time Annie - Low G (dGDGA)
  15. Soldiers’ Joy - D (aDADE)
  16. Billy in the Low Ground - C (gCGCD)
  17. Joke on the Puppy (Wry Straw) - D (aDADE)
  18. Breaking Up Christmas - A (aEAC#E)
  19. Whiskey Before Breakfast - D (aDADE)
  20. Hangman’s Reel - C (gCGCD)
  21. Duck River - D (aDADE)
  22. Flying Indian - G (gDGBD)
  23. June Apple - A (aEAC#E)
  24. Wild Horses at Stony Point - G (gDGBD)

The Banjos

  • 1999 Vega Tubaphone #2, by Deering
  • 1915 Vega pot with a Kevin Enoch neck
  • 1990 Minstrel banjo built by Bob Flescher
  • 1996 Deering Goodtime, with Fyberskin head and no-knot tailpiece.

Additional Information

The album was recorded by Wes Linenkugel at his home studio in Toledo, Ohio on April 26 & 27, 2000. All of the tunes were played live to a Tascam DA-30 DAT and appear without any cuts, edits, or punch-ins.

The mic used was an Audio-Technica 4050 set about one foot from the head. A minimum of “presence” was added, but no other effects in order to maintain a natural sound. The same set-up was used for recording all four banjos on this album.

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