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1994 - Dan on banjo with The Boiled Buzzards. 18 tracks of hard-driving old-time music. Mostly newer tunes in the old style, with two vocal tracks.


  • Dan Levenson - banjo, vocal on 5, backup vocal on 15, fiddle on 18
  • Mark Tamsula - fiddle
  • Ruth “Thunder Woman” Kass - upright bass
  • Annie Trimble - guitar, vocal on 15, backup vocal on 5

Track List

  1. Smith’s Reel - D
  2. Beasties in the Sugar - A
  3. Wooden Nickel - D
  4. Brandywine/Three Forks of Reedy - G
  5. The Engineers Don’t Wave From the Train Anymore - D
  6. Black Widow Romp - D
  7. Young Guns & Miners - C
  8. Boys Them Buzzards Are Flying - A
  9. Lulu Loves Them Young - D
  10. Bitter Creek - G
  11. Lost Everything - G
  12. Nixon’s Farewell - D
  13. Teabag Blues - G
  14. Sadie at the Back Door/Waiting for Nancy - D
  15. You Can’t Get There From Here - A
  16. Snake River Reel - D
  17. Grey Haired Dancing Girl - A
  18. Cliff’s Waltz - G

Additional Information

1994 - Recorded live at Happy Days Visitor’s Center, Brecksville, OH; Engineered by John Reynolds and R.T.; Mixed by John Reynolds and Dan Levenson; Produced by Dan Levenson; Mastering and post - production by Paul Hamann at SUMA Recording - Painsville, OH; Photo by Joel Warren
Special thanks to Vincent the (yes live) Buzzard and the Cleveland Museum of Natural History for letting him come out to play.


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