Eat At Joe's

1992 - Dan on banjo (and fiddle) with The Boiled Buzzards. 18 tracks of traditional old-time music.


  • Dan Levenson - banjo and fiddle
  • Ruth Kass - upright bass
  • Annie Trimble - guitar
  • Chris Wig - fiddle

Track List

  1. Patty on the Turnpike
  2. John Brown’s March/Waiting for the Federals
  3. Snake River Reel
  4. Hollow Poplar
  5. Spotted Pony
  6. Dinah/Wake Up Susan
  7. Black Widow Romp
  8. Katy Hill
  9. Nixon’s Farewell
  10. Shady Grove
  11. Spring in the Valley
  12. Cuffy
  13. The Year of Jubilo/Yellow Rose of Texas
  14. Jimmy in the Swamp
  15. Nixon’s Farewell with double fiddles)
  16. Julianne Johnson
  17. Wooden Nickel
  18. Tombigbee Waltz

Additional Information

1992 - Direct to Digital recording and mastering by John Reynolds; Post production and Mastering by Crooked Cove Recordings; Cover photo by Jonathan Levenson;


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