Fred Cockerham and Tommy Jarrell - Clawhammer Banjo Masters

A collaborative effort with Bob Carlin. 23 Fred Cockerham and Tommy Jarrell tunes, each with two tabs—Bob’s transcribed version of Fred and Tommy’s playing, and Dan’s more “modern” interpreted version. Plus audio files on line so you can hear the tunes as they are tabbed out in this volume.

This book is the third in a series of transcriptions of tunes from the old masters who gave definition to our style of old time clawhammer banjo playing. The repertoire, presented in tablature, is intended to be a starting point for your journey through the old time music world. The recordings are played at a learning tempo and are close to the written notation but not exact in all cases.

Tunes Taught

  1. As Time Draws Near
  2. Back Step Cindy
  3. Big Eyed Rabbit
  4. Ducks on The Millpond
  5. Frankie Baker
  6. John Brown’s Dream
  7. John Hardy
  8. John Henry
  9. Little Maggie
  10. Little Satchel
  11. Long Steel Rail
  12. Love Somebody (aka Soldier’s Joy)
  13. Old Bunch of Keys
  14. Police (aka Policeman)
  15. Pretty Polly
  16. Rockingham Cindy
  17. Roustabout
  18. Stay All Night
  19. Sweet Sunny South
  20. Tempie
  21. Train 45
  22. Yellow Rose of Texas



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