New Frontier

1996 - Dan is joined with Kim Murley for a recording that features a unique blend of American traditional tunes, with some Chinese pieces. If you like fiddle, banjo and dulcimer music and crave something fresh, you’ll love this one.


  • Dan Levenson - banjo, fiddle, guitar
  • Kim Murley - yang qin (yahng cheen), hammered dulcimer

Track list (with key and fiddle or banjo tuning)

  1. Kitchen Girl/Growling Old Man, Grumbling Old Woman - D (AEae)
  2. Weaving Girl - C (gCGCD)
  3. Lullaby - G (GDae)
  4. Pachinko G (gDGBD)
  5. Liza Poor Gal/Traveling Down the Road - G (fretless banjo tuned dGDGA)
  6. Dance of the Yao People -Em, E (GDae)
  7. Red Haired Boy - A (AEae)
  8. Duke of Kent’s Waltz - G (GDae)
  9. Thunder on a Dry Day - G (gDGBD)
  10. Horse Race - F (GDae)
  11. Flying Indian G (fretless banjo tuned dGDGA)
  12. Dragon Boat - G (Kim solo)
  13. Mackinac Bats - G
  14. Rosy Cloud Follows the Moon - G (GDae)
  15. Song of the Frontier - G (gDGBD)
  16. Cherry Blossom Waltz - D (GDae)

    Additional Information

    1996 - This album was recorded and engineered direct to DAT by Paul Hamann at SUMA studios. Post Production by FISHTRAKS, Inc.; Photo Joel Warren; Cover Calligraphy by Tom Huang



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