Old Time Festival Tunes for Fiddle & Mandolin

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By popular demand. A follow-up to the popular banjo tab book. 117 common old-time tunes for fiddlers and mandolin playerss Includes two CDs.

Tune List

(Mr.) Fishar’s Hornpipe Half Past Four Nixon’s Farewell
Banjo Tramp Hangman’s Reel (in A) North Carolina Breakdown
Big John McNeal Hangman’s Reel (in C) Old Bunch Of Keys
Big Scioto Hollow Poplar Old Joe Clark (major)
Bill Cheatem Icy Mountain Old Joe Clark (modal)
Billy in the Lowground Indian Eat the Woodchuck Old Mother Flanagan
Black Eyed Susie Jaybird Pike’s Peak (aka Rat Cheese or Natches Under the Hill)
Black Eyed Suzie-anna Jeff Sturgeon Possum in a Well
Blackberry Blossom Jenny Git Around Possum on a Rail
Boatman Jimmy in the Swamp Quince Dillon’s HIgh D
Bonaparte Crossing the Rhine John Brown’s Dream Rachael - aka Texas Quickstep
Bonaparte’s Retreat (version 1) John Brown’s March Ragtime Annie
Bonaparte’s Retreat (version 2) John Henry Railroading Across the Rocky Mountains (aka Marmaduke’s Hornpipe)
Breakin’ Up Christmas John Lover’s Gone Red Haired Boy
Broken Down Gambler John Stenson’s #2 Reuben’s Train
Buffalo Gals - common melody in G Johnny Cope Rochester Schottische
Buffalo Gals - in A Johnny Don’t Get Drunk Rocky Pallet
Bull At The Wagon Joke on the Puppy (aka Rye Straw) Roscoe
Camp Chase Julianne Johnson Rush and the Pepper
Candy Girl Jump in the Well My Pretty Little Miss Saint Anne’s Reel
Cherokee Shuffle - aka Lost Indian Jump Jim Crow Sally Anne Johnson
Chinese Breakdown June Apple Sandy Boys (Burl hammons’ version)
Cindy Kansas City Reel Sandy Boys (Edden Hammon’s version)
Colored Aristocracy Kitchen Girl Sandy River Belle
Cotton Eyed Joe Leather Britches Sarah Armstrong’s Tune (aka Old Reel)
Crow Creek Liberty Shuffle About
Cuckoo’s Nest Little Billie Wilson Smith’s Reel
Cuffy Little Rabbit Staten Island Hornpipe
Dinah Liza Poor Gal Sugar In The Gourd
Dry And Dusty Logan County Blues Texas Gals
Durang’s Hornpipe - festival version Lost Indian (straight major version) Tom And Jerry
Durang’s Hornpipe - old fiddlers’ version Lost Indian (crooked modal version) Too Young to Marry (aka Sweet Sixteen or My Love is But a Lass)
Ed Haley’s Lost Indian Lost Indian (in D, crooked) Wake Up Susan
Flop Eared Mule Magpie Walking In My Sleep
Fly Around My Pretty Little Miss (aka Suzanna Gal, Western Country) Martha Campbell Washington’s March
Flying Indian Mole in the Ground - aka Tempy Ways Of The World
Georgia Railroad Monkey on a Dogcart Whiskey Before Breakfast
Grasshopper Sitting on a Sweet Potato Vine Muddy Roads Whistling Rufus
Green Willis (aka The Raw Recruit) New Five Cents Yellow Rose Of Texas



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