About Dan's Private Lessons and Workshops

Dan has been teaching workshops for many years now. His inspiration was one of the first workshops he attended where the instructor told him, “I don’t know what you are doing but it sounds okay, so keep doing that”. Dan though, “Hey, that didn’t help me at all”, and upon becoming proficient at playing proceeded to design workshops that are hands on, informative and educational to each student who attends.

Whether your are starting From Scratch or an experienced player looking to get some performance tips or pick the master’s brain, these events should keep you on your toes and give you enough material to work on for several months. Like Dan says about Clawcamp, all workshops should be an “experience that can last you all year”.

Workshop size is limited in order to keep the hands on personal experience every one needs and desires.



Cost is dependent on length of workshop, travel and local factors. They can be as little as $30 per person for a short workshop to several hundred dollars for a weekend or week-long event. For scheduled events, contact the promoter or myself to get the cost to attend that event. Please contact me directly to structure a workshop for your area.

Private Sessions & Master Classes

Nothing beats one on one time where it is all about you and your goals. This can be as little as one hour or more depending on your time and commitment. One fellow came for 9 days!

A Master Class is a private lesson with intent! That intent is to give you dedicated intensive learning experience where you get to work on the issues that concern you. Some folks just want to have me play so they can record for an hour while others have lots of questions they wish to answer and still others have a specific technique or two they would like to learn. It’s up to you!

Dan teaches regularly at his home in Tucson and by Webcam. When he is traveling you can often set up some time when he is in or near your area. Contact Dan directly to schedule these exclusive sessions.

Rates currently start at $75 per hour.

For more on private lessons go to https://clawdan.com/index.php?/products/webcam_lessons/