Meet The Banjo (tm)

What this is all about

There are many folks taken with the banjo these days, but not necessarily able or willing to make the initial investment in an instrument or lessons. While instruments such as guitars and even fiddles are plentiful to rent or own at low or no cost, the banjo continues to be less available. This workshop is based upon the belief that more people would be interested in playing the banjo if they had a chance to try it one for a low cost in time and dollars.

Several years ago I designed this innovative workshop and found that by providing a banjo and some basic instruction on the instrument, I give folks a chance to try it without making a large investment in either time or money.

Structure of workshop

Three hour workshop beginning with a basic history of the instrument and demonstration (via playing and recordings) of the various styles of banjo music available (bluegrass, clawhammer, strum, tenor, plectrum), a bit of banjo history, 5 string banjo basics - tuning, hand positions, scales and the teaching of a tune playable in both clawhammer (old time) and 3 finger (bluegrass or Scruggs) styles - to the participants in order to help them choose what type of music (and hence banjo) they would like to learn to play.