Dan Levenson

Dan Levenson


Dan Levenson is well-known among old-time music fans for his performances, recording, and his instructional material for clawhammer banjo and old-time fiddle. An Appalachian native, Dan makes his home in Tucson, Arizona.

Dan founded the renowned old-time string band The Boiled Buzzards. He now tours, teaches and performs solo at concerts and festivals or at dances with his current band, the Cat Mountain Rounders.

Dan Levenson photo (above) by Steven Meckler

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  • Traveling East starts in May! (3/10/2024)

    Yes, it is getting to be the the time of year when I hook up the Airstream and travel to visit family, friends and do gigs in the Eastern US. My first stop (as of this time) will be in Frankfort, KY to meet up with Son Jon and do some bourbon hunting! I leave Tuscon on or about May 13 and plan to be in Frankfort, KY by the 19th.

    I am working on getting the schedule up and will continue to update them as they develop, but I am always interested in adding event as I go. SO let me know if you are interested in having me for a concert or workshop OR even for a lesson as I come by.

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