I am now back in Tucson and scheduling the autumn lessons.

I do have a few spots available for new students. Drop me a note and lets get started!

Private Sessions

Lessons are available worldwide via live by webcam with Skype, Facetime or your choice of video call program.
Whether you are starting out From Scratch, or getting ready to take your show on the road! I can help you become a better musician and Play Nice!
Nothing beats taking time that is all about you and your musical goals. Private lessons are were we get to sit one on one and take you from where you are to where you want to be both musically and technically on your instrument.
That’s right. It’s just you, me, and your instrument. 
We will be working together to tailor your lessons to build upon your current skill level.
Technique and tunes, both.
Our first lesson together will assess where you are, your level of skill on your instrument, understanding of music, who and what you have listened to, who/what you like and don’t like, and where you might see yourself in 6 months, a year and beyond.
The typical lesson is about an hour in length, which gives us time to work on your technique and take a detailed look at what you are doing, WHY you are doing it and where we go next. We discover what is standing in the way of your advancement as well as what is already working. An hour also gives us enough time make sure you know what to work on until your next lesson. Rates currently start at $75 per hour.

Master Classes & Residencies

A MASTER CLASS is a private lesson with intent! Here you set the agenda. These classes tend to be longer  with a two hour minimum – 2 to 3 hours – and are more focused and intensive than your usual weekly lesson. The intent here is to give you dedicated intensive learning time where you get a lot of your questions answered in a short time. Or perhaps you have a specific technique or two you would like to learn. It’s up to you!
Perhaps you have a regular teacher but you want another viewpoint. Maybe you have seen me at a show, a video, or heard a recording and wonder, “How did he do that?” Maybe you don’t need or want a regular lesson or a limit on the time to cover your topic. This can be your chance to investigate the finer details of Old-Time music, musicality and style. Sometimes folks want to have me play so they can record and analyze MY playing while others have lots of questions about other musicians they have heard or seen. It could be focused work on a tune, a technique, or guidance on how to teach others, or getting your career started.
Rates start at $160 for the first 2 hours plus $60 for each additional hour of that session.
(3 hours is usually the maximum time of any one session. Max of 2 sessions in a day).
RESIDENCIES are yet another intensive learning experience. Residencies are at least a full day and can happen at my place or yours. You don’t have to wait for a camp or share time with hundreds of other students. Come for a day, or several days. OR have me at your place to work with you, your duo or perhaps your whole band. Create your OWN camp for you and your friends.
Home is in Tucson, AZ so you could even escape those cold winter months if you come down here then. Summers can be warm, but the A/C works fine and the spring and fall are beautiful too.
Rates start at $300 per day (plus expenses if I am coming to you). 
Group and multiple day rates are available by quote.
Contact me to set up your time and place!

Dan Levenson

Contact Dan

[email protected]