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  • Traveling East starts in May!

    Yes, it is getting to be the the time of year when I hook up the Airstream and travel to visit family, friends and do gigs in the Eastern US. My first stop (as of this time) will be in Frankfort, KY to meet up with Son Jon and do some bourbon hunting! I leave…

  • Lovin’ the Desert

    It has been a rainy week here in Tucson but that hasn’t stopped the music or the hikes. Here are a few shots from the last couple of weeks. Enjoy the come for the view, come for the tunes!

  • Curious Conversations February 6th at The Fox!

    Curious Conversations February 6th at The Fox Theater! What are “Curious Conversations”? This is a special opportunity to get up close and personal with you about Old-Time Music. We can have a visit! Tunes and talk. Music and conversation. Fox Theater says: “Drawing on bluegrass and other forms of North American Roots Music, their visit…