A Day Off For Hiking

Finally, a day off! After a great concert evening last Friday, I decided to take a “day off” – or as much of a day off as I ever take. It was hiking time!

The weather here in Yuma is starting to warm up now and it won’t be long until we are in the 90’s or higher every afternoon, so Bruce and I decided to take advantage of a cooler Saturday afternoon and hike up into the hills. There is a lot of good hiking up there, many trails with great views and wildlife but this one was one of the best this year. We have had a lot of rain this past spring and winter so it was quite lush for a desert landscape. The palo verde trees are all in full flower, the saguaro’s starting to bloom, and there are all kinds of little flowers and cactus in bloom along the route.

Great blue skys, puffy white clouds and green trees make a wonderful sight.

This little fellow was just getting some sun too. A real live Chuckawalla kritter! He REALLY knows how to blend in. Friendly though.