Ohio time

I’ve made it back to Ohio after a long and gratifying trip. The land here is in good shape but the garden is in need of clearing and replanting and the grass needs weekly mowing! It is a lot of work but worth it. With many gigs this summer - Cleveland only a week away, Pittsburgh, PA concert the week after that! - I may not get the trimming done as much as I like but the paths to the creek should be clear for a walk in the woods. I will be in and out all summer and teaching both at home and by skype, but would love to have yall stop down for a tune, lesson or just a visit to hang on the porch and enjoy the country.

Speaking of the homestead, I think this is the year I will be putting it up for sale. I’ve started a facebook page at Time-to-Sell-the-Farm to start posting info on it in case any of you might be interested in having a little place of your own here is Southeastern Ohio. I have so photos up already and will be updating it as I can. Internet access can be spotty here but that is part of the charm!

The new book is out an you can order it now. Only $20 plus shipping gets it into the mail to you post hastily! I’ll be working on fiddle recordings of the tunes over the next week so hope to have the audio files up at CD Baby by the end of June.

Camp is also upon us shortly. Clawcamp East is July 8-10 this year. It was listed as “sold out” but I have had 3 cancellations so get in touch right away if you would like to join us.

I’ll leave it there for now. Till Next Time,
Play Nice,