Salt and Grease


Physical CD


Buzzard 1001 CD (originally Marimac 9027 cassette) – This is The Boiled Buzzards’ first album. Dan, on banjo, joins with Dave Rice (harmonica), Ruth Kass (bass), and Joe Collins (guitar).


  • Dan Levenson – banjo, vocal on track 4 & 14, fiddle on track 15 & 18
  • David Rice – harmonica, fiddle on track 11
  • Joe Collins – guitar
  • Ruth Kass – bass

Track list

  1. Julianne Johnson
  2. Three Thin Dimes
  3. Durang’s Hornpipt
  4. Milwaukee Blues
  5. Muddy Roads
  6. Log Chain/Railroadin’ Across the Rocky Mountains (aka Marmaduke’s Hornpipe)
  7. Billy in the Lowgrounds
  8. Yellow Barber
  9. Little Billie Wilson
  10. Sandy Boys (Burl Hammons version)
  11. Southtown (Dave Rice)
  12. Rochester Schottische
  13. Kansas City Reel
  14. June Apple
  15. Bull at the Wagon
  16. Sally Ann Johnson
  17. Nail That Catfish to a Tree (Steve Rosen)
  18. Icy Mountain
  19. Benton’s Dream
  20. Sadie’s Waltz

Additional Information

The album was recorded, engineered and mastered originally by Larry MacBride of Marimac Recordings at his home studio in Crown Point, Indiana in October of 1989. All of the tunes were played live and appear without any cuts, edits, or punch-ins. Cover photo by Heather Lucas; CD Mastering by Joe Loesch – Creative License – Nashville, TN